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A New Adventure

June 12, 2015

As you have probably already guessed, my next project is going to be an adventure game. Point & Click, inventory, dialogues, story, discoveries. That kind of thing. I dreamed of creating my own since I was beating the purple tentacle and LeChuck. After I finished my other game, Rush ‘n’ Roll, which I did to learn Unity3D […]

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The Beginning

June 8, 2015

This weekend I watched all, yes all 19, episodes of the Broken Age documentary. If you are even remotely into creating computer games, watch it. Now. Inspired by that and by many others doing development blogs I’ll start to write one of my own now. There’s an adventure up ahead, in the true meaning of the […]

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Interview Feature

April 9, 2015

During an interview for showcasing certain job types in my day-job company I was able to show off Rush ‘n’ Roll. Check it out 🙂 TwitterFacebookemail

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Kii Unity Game Contest – Walk-through Video

May 16, 2014

Game contests are always a great way to get something done. I call it the wonder of deadlines. I made 11th place and missed the top 10 unfortunately. So bad luck this time but I learned so much along the way. Below is the video showing all major capabilities. TwitterFacebookemail

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Getting The Most Out Of DropBox

June 25, 2012

Over the years I accumulated quite some private documents, files, important pictures and so on. I use to make backups every now and then but one can never really feel safe. Burning things on a DVD: beware of the limited lifespan! I had several DVDs not being readable anymore already. External HD: great for many […]

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Thoughts On Creating Good Tutorial Videos

July 9, 2011

There’s a new book from Robert Fischer accompanied again, of course, by the Fibotrader charting software. It’s backing up the book’s content with tons of charts and signal reports. In time with the launch of the book we also published a revamped version 3.5.8 (we grabbed the chance and jumped to this version intentionally, anyone […]

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Making of Teaminator: Adding transparent bullet holes onto an actor

May 3, 2011

One Saturday my girlfriend and I thought what to do and came up with the idea to make a short experimental movie with the Canon 7D in preparation for a bigger one. Also, I always wanted to do some more technical tests with using the slow-motion mode as well as doing some more advanced video […]

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October 24, 2010

There is quite some hype around in-memory technology and I admit freely: it is simply amazing. It also made me think of some software I wrote back in 1997. In school I was asked if I could do something about the manual tasks in the library. There were index cards and not much more. There […]

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Accepting Age Tutorial

August 20, 2010

Sadly enough also me I’m getting older. Hitting 30 is quite special, so sitting there three days before my birthday, one quiet Friday afternoon, I figured it might be nice to prepare a little movie which I could attach to my birthday invitation. And also of course I could learn some new filming concepts. The […]

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Human readable font

April 11, 2010

Es ist viel Zeit vergangen, seit ich hier etwas veröffentlicht habe. Das soll sich nun wieder ändern. Just heute habe ich ein interessantes Miniprojekt beendet, welches vorigen Oktober begonnen hatte. Für einen großen Galaball, an dessen Organisation ich beteiligt war, habe ich ein Werbevideo gedreht. Als Clou erscheint am Ende ein Text “Bring your hat” […]

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